About our history

Gunnar Wilson founded the oldest company in the INRESOL GROUP in 1983 – Finsun Energy AB, an engineering, planning and construction company within renewable energy. In 1989 Chairman and CTO Stefan Larsson–Mastonstråle founded the company Lartec AB, a manufacturing company within solar thermal power, heat pumps and thermal storage technology.

In 1998 Stefan took the position of senior project manager for the Swedish state owned company group Vattenfall (power utility). Between 1994 and 2007 Stefan and Gunnar collaborated in R&D within a number of projects, and Finsun was finally acquired into the Inresol group in 2008.

From 2009 the current INRESOL was established as a design and R&D Company based in the heart of the Swedish Forest in Älvkarleö Bruk. During this period the company also created strategic manufacturing activities by founding a number of companies such as Solarus among others around the products that were designed.

Stefan’s personal experience lies in developing and working in projects in most European countries and many others such as Africa, China, Japan and India. Stefan has also created many award winning designs, innovations, patents and products throughout the years and personally earned the jovial nickname of ‘Mr. Solar’.

INRESOL have primarily worked with innovations that help us to save the environment and provide global benefit. Currently, INRESOL are focusing on Stirling technology products, within renewable energy as solar power for deserts, biofuels and power from waste. The INRESOL GROUP has manufacturing both in Sweden and India.