The Inresol V2-6 Stirling Enging

The V2-6 core engine itself can be considered an OEM product for incorporation into existing heat sources, within a vast range of applications. 
The Inresol V2-6 Stirling engine is a ‘ hot air engine’ and creates on demand heat and power by inserting the heater section of the engine into a heat source. The needed 600-900 degrees Celsius of controlled heat expands the nitrogen working gas forcing the power piston to move.

The engine is water cooled resulting in heating water being produced at approx. 40-80° C. The expansion and contraction of the working gas happens approximately 20 times per second creating power from the permanent magnet generator.

​​​​​​​The engine can be integrated into gas or wood burners, pellet stoves, waste incinerators, solar thermal installations, waste heat sources etc. The V2-6 engine unit is intended for use in existing or new heat sources.

Variations of the V2-6 Stirling engine

We start with a core engine, our Stirling v2-6, a piece of equipment needed in every heat source unit around the globe. OEM manufacturers in various branches, such as wood furnaces, pellet boilers, heat storage etc. are our main target customer.
From there on, we have add ons

And there's more!

Inresol provides additional items due to that niether we, nor our customers could find the perfect solutions needed.
Therefore we had to invent a range of products to complement our Stirling v2-6 core engine to accomplish this.