Inresol Nitro Gen

The Inresol PSA generator extract nitrogen gas from the atmosphere via a process called “pressure swing adsorbtion”. This is the typical large scale industrial nitrogen manufacturing method that Inresol have miniaturized into a low cost small package that is easy to use. The PSA unit operates fully automatic whenever necessary to generate new nitrogen (N2) gas at no cost. The stirling engine charge/discharge itself automatically during operation.


Specifications Units Nitrogen generator
Rated output* L/m 2,5
Voltage input ACV 110-240V (48A) 50-60Hz 1-Phase
  DCV 24V
Gas type   Nitrogen gas>99%
Consumption Air 8 bar, 6L/m
Sound level    
For rated load (Radiator fan stopped) dB (A) ?
For rated load (Radiator fan operating) dB (A) ?
Width in. (mm) 15,4 (390)
Depth in. (mm) 16,6 (420)
Length in. (mm) 32,3 (820)
Net weight lb (kg) 4 (12)


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