Inresol Powerbank

The Inresol battery powerbank can be used as starter battery for the stirling engine and as a energy storage for power of up to 10kW peak power. As it is a modular battery its capacity can easily be adapted to the requirement of one to several kWh’s. The battery are air cooled and the BMS is built in with RS485 communication to the inverter for status and control.
The battery powerbank are connected in parallel to the desired capacity into the inverter battery inlet. Its size allows it to be installed into a 19” racking system for portability or pure convenience.


Specifications Units Powerbank
Rated output* Power 0-10kW
Voltage - max V 342C
Voltage - min V 252V
Peak Current A 37A
Type   Electricity
Energy capacity BTU/hr (kW) 4,410 BTU/hr (1kWh)
Electrical generation efficiency % 95
Sound level    
For rated load**** (Radiator fan stopped dB (A) -
For rated load**** (Radiator fan operating) dB (A)q 34
Width in. (mm) 19,0 (475)
Depth in. (mm) 14,4 (360)
Length in. (mm) 4,0 (100)
Net weight lb (kg) 22 (10)
* Parasitic loads are included
** The heat recovery and efficiency values are those for rated output in standard atmospheric contitions.
*** Maximum of 5%:6.7 gal/min (25.5 L/min)
**** The sound levels are maximum values measured in four directions at distance of 3.3ft (1.0 m)
***** The amount of fuel consumption based on lower calorific values ( running continuously ).
****** Efficiency is depending on application and temperature


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