Inresol V2-6

Power generator set with multi-fuel capability and high efficiency.
The INRESOL V2 core engine can be retrofitted into multiple heat sources from combustion chambers, ovens, gasification processes, even thermal heat storage units that can supply a continuous heat of between 750 – 1150 degrees C. The engine power generator is of permanent magnet torque motor type with long service life. The generator set operates with dry lubrication system and requires no oil, oil pump, oil filter nor any air filter replacements. Service of combustion (burner) and the engine is done in annual maintenance sequence in combination with weekly inspections.


Specifications Units Genious
Rated output* kW 0-5kW engine (0-10 kW inverter
Voltage ACV 110-240 V (48A) 50-60Hz -1 Phase 220-400 V (16A) 3 Phase
  DCV 12 V (15A) & 300 V (34A)
BTU/hr (kW)
Thermal heat
60,000 BTU/h (17kW)
Heat recovery    
Recovered heat BTU/hr (kW) 34,100 BTU/hr (10kW)
Hot water temp Inlet °F (°C) >86 (30)
  Outlet °F (°C) <185 (85)
Hot water flow rate gal/min (L/min) 6,4 (24,3)
Total CHP efficiency****** % 88-94
Electrical generation efficiency % 22-38
Thermal generation efficiency % 50-70
Sound level    
For rated load**** (Radiator fan stopped) dB (A) ?
For rated load**** (Radiator fan operating) dB (A) ?
Width in. (mm) 15,4 (390)
Depth in. (mm) 16,6 (420)
Length in. (mm) 32,3 (820)
Net weight lb (kg) 77,2 (35)
* Parasitic loads are included
** The heat recovery and efficiency values are those for rated output in standard atmospheric contitions.
*** Maximum of 5%:6.7 gal/min (25.5 L/min).
**** The sound levels are maximum values measured in four directions at distance of 3.3ft (1.0 m).
***** The amount of fuel consumption based on lower calorific values (running continuously).
****** Efficiency is depending on application and temperature


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