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The INRESOL Stirling technology has developed since the 1990’s in many areas, such as design, materials, mechanics, mechatronics, tribology, thermal management, electronics, software and others. The INRESOL V2-6 core engine is a new version of the “gamma-type” Stirling engines, where new innovations have been implemented in several areas.

The target is to mass-produce cost effective Stirling engines that have a quality standard seldom seen today, with aerospace quality nodal steel in the crank case, high quality bearings, high durability water cooled cylinders and advanced alloys in heat exchangers. This engine is built to last. No welding where nuts and bolts can be used, making the engine possible to overhaul and recyclable. This is the machine, you need to learn how to maintain for the next generation to inherit.

Variations of the V2-6 Stirling engine

We start with a core engine, our Stirling V2-6, a piece of equipment needed in every heat source unit around the globe. OEM manufacturers in various branches, such as wood furnaces, pellet boilers, heat storage etc. are our main target customer. From there on, we have add ons

And there's more!

Inresol provides additional items due to that niether we, nor our customers could find the perfect solutions needed.
Therefore we had to invent a range of products to complement our Stirling v2-6 core engine to accomplish this.